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A duck hunt in Arkansas is every waterfowlers dream. Visions of the mallards floating in from miles up in the sky, to those cupped and committed greenheads. This excitement is what drives waterfowlers to make the journey to Stuttgart, Arkansas.

Located in the Mississippi Flyway, Stuttgart Arkansas is known as the Rice and Duck Capitol of the World. Stuttgart is the host of the World Champion Duck Calling contest each November where thousands of duck hunting enthusiasts migrate to the area in search of prime time duck hunting.

Stuttgart Duck Hunting

Founded back in 1880 by Adam Buerkle, the city named after his German birthplace, Stuttgart quickly became a duck hunting haven back in the late 1930’s.  Due to its hardpan soils and ability to hold water, the area farmers realized that this Grand Prairie Region was ideal for the cultivating of rice.

The harvesting of rice also produced another viable source of income for the area. The rice and standing water proved great habitat and food for those millions of migrating waterfowl each year.  Quickly residents of Stuttgart realized an opportunity, expanded upon it, and the legendary city of Stuttgart was born.

Getting to Stuttgart Arkansas

Getting to your duck hunt in Arkansas is quite easy.  Located an hour away from Little Rock, Arkansas and northeast of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Stuttgart and its endless opportunities are just a short distance from major airfields of Little Rock and Memphis, Tennessee.  However, if traveling by vehicle, the duck hunting mecca of the world is just a mere 1-2 hours away.

While duck hunting in Stuttgart is world famous, Stuttgart is also known for its Wings of the Prairie Festival, and home of Mack’s Prairie Wings, a nationwide waterfowl retailer and outfitting. Many duck hunting and goose hunting call makers also make their home in Stuttgart, Arkansas.

If you are looking for that duck hunt in Arkansas of a lifetime, look no further, call Mike and the guys at Flying Feathers Guide Service to put you on the ducks and let the feathers fly!!

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