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That un-mistakable laughter in the air as you look skyward. For most people they have no clue what species of waterfowl may be flying above, but to even the youngest waterfowler, these laughs are the sound of the white-fronted goose.  Or to most people a specklebelly goose. Named after their white-front above the bill or the speckling of their belly, these geese, when you hear the distinct sound and laughter cause a hunters adrenaline to start flowing.

Arkansas Specklebelly Hunts

These specklebelly geese tend to be very wild and not tolerant of any human interaction, causing them to be one of the most sought after geese for any waterfowler’s trophy room.  Even though these highly prized geese are tough to hunt, Mike Bogy of Flying Feathers Guide Service has been one of the few that has mastered the calling and successfully hunting these white-fronted geese. As a professional goose hunting guide and call maker, Mike has fine-tuned his specklebelly calling throughout the years, placing all his clients on amazing guided goose hunts.

Shoot some Specklebellies!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to hunt these elusive and prized geese, contact Mike at Flying Feathers for your next guided goose hunt.  Leave the scouting and calling to Mike, and worry about the shooting and watching those feathers fly!

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For over 30 years I’ve been a professional duck and goose guide. I have to make the most out of every single day. My clients expect results and so do I. After getting tired of modifying every call I could to get what I wanted I decided to make my own. That was well over 25 years ago. Now I’m bringing these calls to you. This my friends is one of my best kept secrets to success.

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