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For over 30 years I’ve been a professional duck and goose guide. I have to make the most out of every single day. My clients expect results and so do I. After getting tired of modifying every call I could to get what I wanted I decided to make my own. That was well over 25 years ago. Now I’m bringing these calls to you. This my friends is one of my best kept secrets to success.

No you won’t hear my call on Main Street but you will hear it where it counts, in your blind. All our calls can be loud and nasty to get them to look and also quiet to get ducks that last few feet you need to put em in the decoys. I stake my reputation as one of Arkansas’s most successful hunting guides.

When you master our calls you see the difference. No they do not sound like everybody else, that’s exactly what not to do. Give yourself a little time with any of our calls and soon you’ll see the difference yours self. I guarantee it.

The Start of Something Special

Tommy Bogy started making duck calls over 20 years ago. After years of using dozens of other calls, he came to the realization that the calls that were on the market at the time did not cut it and most importantly did not fit his hunting style. This inspired Tommy to research and develop a new set of duck calls that best fit him and the Arkansas duck hunting style.

Tommy’s dream was to get duck calls into the hands of the people who loved the sport just as much as he did. Sadly, Tommy passed away in December 2015. In order to carry on Tommy’s legacy his sons, Mike and Tim, decided it was time to finish what their dad had started.

Today, Mike and Tim design and assemble every single call that leaves their shop. They are a small family company who makes callers out of their love for their dad and their passion for waterfowl hunting. Flying Feathers Duck Calls will do it all. They can be used to create a quiet, finesse, type calling or bark ’em down from up high!

We invite you to take a look and take a listen. Flying Feathers Duck Calls produce results every single day. The entire crew uses them in the guide service, Flying Feathers Guide Service. We will put em against any call out there. Just ask my clients they’ll tell you. Thank you for stopping by. God Bless, and Great Hunting!!!

Mike Bogy- Owner

Flying Feathers Duck Calls and Flying Feathers Guide Service

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