Plan Your Waterfowl Hunting Trip

Planning an Arkansas waterfowl hunt should not be hard.  But to ensure you have a wonderful experience, we have compiled a list of information to help you prepare for your hunt at Flying Feathers Guide Service..

Driving Directions

Flying Feathers Guide Service is located a short distance from world famous duck hunting hot spot of Stuttgart, Arkansas.  With access to some of the prized hunting land found throughout the rice fields, the duck hunts provided by Flying Feathers are an experience of a lifetime for any sportsman.

Flying Feathers Guide Service
185 Cox Bend Lane Humphrey, Arkansas 72073
Phone: 870-830-3466

Flying Feathers Guide for What to Bring…

Waterproof Hunting Jacket & Boots

Waterproof Gloves/Shooting Gloves

Protective Eyewear

Warm, Dry, Camouflage Clothing

Gun: 12 Gauge Recommended – Steel or Bismuth Ammo

Camera, Batteries and Film

License: May be purchased by calling 1-800-364-GAME

Arkansas Weather

The weather in Arkansas can be pleasant, but there is always a chance to have some unforeseen conditions.  We as that you take a look at the forecast before visiting Flying Feathers Guide Service. Below is the current weather information for the area.

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